A downloadable script for Windows

Just sharing a small AutoIt3 script I wrote to help me include all required files for my compiled AutoIt projects. It's an early version but it does its job. Damn, scripting can be so artsy sometimes - look at that _Files_Auto() function... :)

Here's how you could use this if you're into AutoIt scripting / programming:

  1. Copy the script next to your_script_name.au3 and rename it to, you guessed it, your_script_name.COMPILED.au3
  2. Run it and wait for it to scan for files/folders which should be included with your compiled project. It can take up to a few minutes to scan and check the files/folders (up to 10th subfolder level) for complex AutoIt projects
  3. You can copy/delete other files/folders (not properly detected) using the function _Files_Manual() at line 183 - you know how if you're into AutoIt3
  4. After doing its magic, you'll have your complete compiled project inside _COMPILED 'your_script_name.au3' folder


your_script_name.au3 27 kB


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I know about it, used it on some projects.The script above is for those I made entirely in Koda (UI design) and SciTE (UI functionality). I find it quite helpful as it gathers all required files for the compiled project and copies them to the correct locations near the executable.