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Organize and install your savegames faster than ever before.

About this project ...

I've always wanted a smart universal tool to help me install multiple savegames in a more user-friendly & one-clicky way but I couldn't find one that would work for every game out there, so I started developing it myself using AutoIt3. I've been working for quite a while on this project, so here's a fully functional preview of it, which I think will be very useful for PC gamers who want quick access to their savegames collection --- no more with the sluggish copy & paste whenever they need to install a savegame!

What it does ...

It allows you to easily organize and install your savegames collection. It's especially useful if you want to keep multiple savegames to have easy access to your favorite chapters / scenes for games that don't offer you the option to replay them. In my opinion, every game that has great story-rich, cinematic, standout or otherwise unforgettable moments should offer you the posibility to replay them once the main story / campaign is finished, not just the usual free-roaming mode --- some games do that (Life is Strange, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Limbo, The Walking Dead, Max Payne 3, Outlast ...to name a few) but sadly this is not the case for most of them. This program was made from the get-go to fix this minor inconvenient, provided you already have the savegames. It can configure and install savegames for each and every PC game you can think of --- shown in the video above, you can see how this works for quite a hefty bunch of 'Tomb Raider' savegames - 239 of them, to be precise, each with their own description and screenshot.

How it works ...

  • if the program is not already configured ('Savegames.txt' and 'Save000.7z' / 'Save001.7z' missing) it will automatically configure itself on first launch, provided .\Savegames_Unpacked directory contains at least one savegame folder.
  • savegame folders will be packed to one or multiple .7z archive(s), savegames screenshots will be copied, renamed and converted to fit in 800 x 600 and 'Savegames.txt' file will be created containing savegame descriptions based on folder names in .\Savegames_Unpacked directory.
  • once configured, to install a savegame just select it from the scrolling list - generated based on 'Savegames.txt' file - then click the 'INSTALL' button. The program also includes a backup and restore feature - up to 5 backups - in case you accidentally overwrite your existing savegame.

This is where you give me all your money ...

Just kidding! But if you find this project useful, any small contribution and / or share would help me a lot with its future development.

For example, the configuration interface is not ready yet - it will shape up as I lay down the finishing touches on the design and functionality of the main interface. However, most of its more or less final functionality is already available to you through the command-line shortcuts in .\Cmd directory.

I also plan to expand upon this idea, build or integrate new helper tools (online downloader / uploader / search functions, etc) so that I could eventually integrate it with a website where users could automatically upload / download / search savegames through this program.


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Universal Savegame Installer v0.5 MultiSave.7z 4 MB
Universal Savegame Installer v0.5 SingleSave.7z 2 MB

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